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Tribal Forestry Student Summit: Investing in the Future of Tribal Forest Resources Management and Wildland Fire

October 12–14, 2022

Mark your calendars for this hybrid event, featuring in-person and virtual participation options, to address tribal workforce development. This summit is designed for students in forestry or related resource management programs across the country.

Submit your application to attend by September 9, 2022.  Applications submitted by then will be eligible for travel funds to cover transportation and lodging.  All meals will be provided.

Please contact Jon Martin at for further information.

Educational Related Links

  • American Indian Science & Engineering Society
    The AISES mission is to increase substantially the representation of American Indian and Alaskan Natives in engineering, science and other related technology disciplines.
    The SACNAS mission is to celebrate and cultivate diversity in STEM Education and Fields.
  • Alaska Native Science & Engineering Program
    Is to effect a systemic change in the hiring patterns of Indigenous Americans in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) by increasing the number of individuals on a career path to leadership within STEM fields.
  • Center for Native American Youth
    The Center for Native American Youth is dedicated to improving the health, safety and overall well-being of Native American youth through communication, policy development and advocacy.
  • Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education
    As a professional organization for environmental educators, the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education (CAEE) facilitates communication, cooperation, collaboration, and coordination among the varied environmental education programs in the state.
  • Native Youth Climate Adaptation Leadership Congress (NYCALC)
    The mission of the Native Youth Climate Adaptation Leadership Congress (NYCALC) is to develop future conservation leaders with the skills, knowledge, and tools to address environmental change and conservation challenges to better serve their schools and home communities.
  • American Indian College Fund
    • AICF invests in Native students and Tribal college education to transform lives and communities. The College Fund and its supporters uphold the promise and importance of educational success for Native people and all of our futures. (excerpt from
  • Native Forward Scholars Fund
    • NFSF  provides scholarships and support to services to undergraduate, graduates and professionals.
  • Cobell Scholarship
    • Cobell Scholarships offers are merit-based following a lengthy application and referral process. Cobell Scholarship awards are disbursed according to US Federal Student Aid standards and the policies of the individual colleges and universities. The Cobell Scholarship is annual, non-renewable, and available to any post-secondary (after high school) student who is: an enrolled member of a US Federally-recognized Tribe, enrolled in or plans to enroll in full-time study and is degree-seeking while attending any nationally, regionally and industry accredited non-profit, public and private, institution. (excerpt from
  • Tribal Colleges and Universities 
    • Currently, there are 32 fully accredited Tribal colleges and universities.
    • ITEP strengthens Tribal capacity and sovereignty in environmental and natural resource management through culturally relevant education, research, partnerships and policy-based services
  • National Conservation Leadership Institute
    The Institute is designed to be a meta-program into which graduates of various internal organizational leadership programs could pursue expanding their leadership capacity. But the Institute is by no measure only a training program; it is a unique comprehensive learning experience designed to challenge assumptions, teach skills, facilitate networking, and strengthen confidence, preparing extraordinary leadership for the future.
  • Best Colleges
  • Best Colleges Coding Bootcamp Scholarships: Colleges Financial Aid for Coding Bootcamps:

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