Summer Youth Practicum

The Native American Environmental Awareness Summer Youth Practicum (SYP) is designed to provide Native American students (incoming 10th – 12th grade) an opportunity to gain hands-on and in-lecture experience in the interdisciplinary components of natural resource management and Indigenous knowledge. One of the goals of the NAFWS is to educate Native American youth to understand the importance of professional natural resource management and the interconnectedness to culture, as well encourage them to continue their education and pursue careers in the natural resource fields.


is planned and implemented by our national office and the education coordinator. This week long program is in the beautiful and mountainous Estes Park, Colorado. Students from the continental U.S. are encouraged to apply.


are planned and implemented by the NAFWS regions with the aid of the national office. The week long programs are located in various locations and depend on the region. Regional SYP’s are opened to students that are residents of the specific region.

2023 Southwest Regional Summer Youth Practicum | June 19 – 23, 2023 | Mora, New Mexico

To Apply, Download Southwest Region SYP Application.

Deadline: All Applications Must Be Received or Postmarked By May 26, 2023. Selections will be
made by June 2, 2023 and students will be notified by June 2, 2023.


Norman Jojola
P. O. Box 1451
Espanola, New Mexico 87532 or
e-mail –
Questions call – (cell phone) 505/927-3494
Lawrence Abeita
2209 Maderia NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87110
e-mail –
Questions call: (work) 505/563-3723

2023 Alaska Regional Summer Youth Practicum | July 10-15 | Alaska Pacific University Campus- Anchorage, AK 


To Apply: Download Alaska Regional SYP Application 

Deadline: All Applications Must Be Received or Postmarked by June 8, 2023. Students will be notified by June 17, 2023.

Kaitlyn Demoski- Senior Tribal Climate Resilience Liaison
(907) 242-4789

Join Us at the 2023 National SYP


We are no longer accepting applications as of May 5, 2023. We encourage students to apply for next year’s program! OR, if you are a student within the Alaska or Southwest Region, you have time to apply to the regional SYPs. See above. (Updated: 05/05/23)

Please note that the reviewing process takes time. Our goal is to send the notifications of acceptance or non-acceptance by Friday, May 19th, however no later than May 23rd. Thank you for your understanding and patience.


Student Packing ListFlight GuideLuggage Reimbursement Form

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers: National SYP

UPDATE on Student Eligibility (1/13/23): If the student is graduating from 12th grade in May/Spring 2023, are they eligible to apply? 

  • If the graduating senior is still under the age of 18 by July 22, 2023, yes they can apply.
  • If the graduating senior (May/Spring 2023) is 18 years old or older before July 22, 2023, they are not eligible.

Tribally enrolled students are eligible to apply, how about descendants? 

  • Yes, student’s that are descendants may apply. In addition, we recommend/suggest that if students are descendants and want to ever claim “Indian Preference” on future college scholarships, jobs, completing the BIA Form 4432 is necessary and would be helpful. The BIA Form 4432 requires certain signatures, so ensure that allocate adequate time to complete.

What travel is covered for the student attending the National SYP?  

  • We cover the student’s airfare from their home to Denver, CO. We provide food and lodging for the duration of the program from lunch on July 15  to breakfast on July 22, 2023. We send a check prior to their travel to cover student’s mileage (GSA-based) from residence to the nearest airport (2 round trips, mileage from residence to airport then airport to residence).

Do you fund a chaperone’s travel to travel and attend with the student?

  • Currently, we do not. The past years of the National SYP program, we did not have chaperones attend and travel with the student. Students have been traveling on their own to the National SYP – we do provide a Flight Guide to aid in student’s travel, hold a parent/student meeting prior to travel to go over logistics/questions, we pick up the students at the airport, and we provide all of our contact information so we stay in contact through the student travel process.
  • For student’s flying for the first time, we encourage parents/guardians to walk them through the airport process, review the Flight Guide together, and if possible, take the student to the airport prior to travel to walk them through how the airport process works/flows.
    • If a parent/guardian is interested and concerned about their students safety through the airport, at the time of 2023 National SYP acceptance and travel arrangements, we will purchase the gateway pass through the airline so that parent/guardian can walk with their student to their airline gate.

 Do you pay for the student’s luggage? 

At the time of travel, we do not pay or provide funding for the student’s checked luggage for their airfare. However, after the National SYP, we allow the student/parent or guardian to submit a Luggage Reimbursement Form (attached with luggage receipts), then we send a check for luggage reimbursement for 1 checked bag round trip ONLY, we do not cover overweight luggage or 2nd checked luggage.

What airport do the student’s fly into?

Student’s fly into Denver International Airport, where they will meet with NAFWS staff to be picked up and transported to CSU Mountain Campus.

What if we (parent/guardian) want to drive our student to CSU Mountain Campus to drop off  before the program and pick up after the program?

You can decide to drive to CSU Mountain Campus to drop off your student, and pick up your student in Denver, CO; however, we will have to do a price comparison for the travel costs, to abide by our NAFWS Travel Policy. This means that if driving costs more than a roundtrip airfare, the NAFWS will cover the roundtrip airfare costs. In other words, the NAFWS will cover the most cost-efficient mode of travel.

I have two students that want to attend together, do they submit 1 application or would they both need to submit an application?

There should be 1 application submitted per student, even if the student’s are siblings. Also, note that there is no guarantee that students that want to or plan to attend as a group or together, will all be accepted. This allows space and diversity for other student’s who may be applying on their own.

Great times at the 2022 National SYP

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