Recovering America’s Wildlife Act

WHAT: Legislation introduced April 22, 2021 (HR 2773) sponsored by Representative Dingell (D-MI) and Representative Fortenberry (R-NE) that will redirect $1.3 billion of existing revenue annually to state-led and $97.5 million to Tribal-led wildlife conservation efforts. Introduced in the 116th Congress (HR 3742) with outstanding bi-partisan support (185 co-sponsors) and Tribal support (50 Tribal Letters of support representing 80 Tribes in 19 States).

TRIBAL IMPACTS: Tribal Title. Dedicated funding for Tribal Wildlife conservation. Permanent funding, not subject to annual appropriations. Funding from the general U.S. Treasury Fund. Provide resources to Tribes for conservation and management of all fish, wildlife, and flora on lands within Tribal jurisdictions. Noncompetitive application process. Funding distribution guidelines and criteria will be determined by the Secretary of Interior, acting through BIA in consultation with Indian Tribes. Can be used for Tribal Species of Greatest Concern and for Conservation Law Enforcement. 15% of the total Tribal funds must be used for Federally threatened and endangered species.

NAFWS: 2019 Resolution 19-001 passed to support Recovering America’s Wildlife Act.  2019 Resolution 19-003 NAFWS joined Alliance for America’s Fish and Wildlife.  NAFWS Executive Director, President, Vice-President, Regional Directors and several members are active members of the Tribal Alliance as well.  NAFWS serves as a leader of the Tribal Alliance as well as the clearinghouse for Tribal Letters of Support.  Will continue to provide education to Tribes on the importance of Recovering and any updates related to its passage.

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