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Whether you are actively managing ungulate populations, concerned about regional populations or looking to learn, develop or improve management strategies the NAFWS Ungulate Working Group covers a variety of topics to benefit ungulate management. The working groups 2024 schedule will focus on bighorn sheep and chronic wasting disease.

What we offer:

This working group is an opportunity to share knowledge and build capacity in Tribal ungulate management.


To promote peer-to-peer training on ungulate management. With a FY 2024 focus on chronic wasting disease and bighorn sheep this working group creates a virtual platform to support improved ungulate management. Tribes working on targeted subject manner will be invited to share their programming on this platform, facilitated by the NAFWS Bio Team. Working group content will promote improved technical assistance.


February 15, April 18, June 20, August 15, October 17, December 19, at 11: 00 a.m. Mountain Time


  • Emily Hagler, NAFWS Fish & Wildlife Biologist, (720) 983-1010
  • Shailyn Wiechman, NAFWS Wildlife Connectivity Coordinator, (720) 983-1010
  • Sean Cross, NAFWS Fish & Wildlife Biologist, (720) 983-1010


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