Tribal Conservation Law Enforcement Program Enhancement


Tribal conservation law enforcement serves as an important element of fish and wildlife management. Effective law enforcement contributes to the protection and conservation of fish, wildlife, and habitats, essential for traditional, cultural and recreational uses.

The Native American Fish and Wildlife Society’s mission is to enhance opportunities for Tribal Conservation Law Enforcement Officers (CLEOs) to maintain their certifications as sworn peace officers, but more importantly to protect them and others from the everchanging risks they encounter daily. NAFWS strives to meet these objectives through sponsored training events, liaison, technical assistance and other law enforcement resources.


Tribal funding for CLEO programs varies greatly, and in many cases, funding for those Tribes that employ CLEOs has to be used for salaries, benefits and routine natural resource enforcement operations only.  Thus, the goal of the Tribal Conservation Law Enforcement Program Enhancement Initiative is to identify funding sources as a means to provide current and relevant law enforcement training opportunities for CLEOs who can then carry out their respective duties more efficiently, effectively and safely.


The Native American Fish and Wildlife Society supports member CLEOs with direct expenses associated with virtual training/webinars and in-person training to successfully meet their mandated training requirements; and/or with other specialized leadership, instructional and officer safety events.  The Society also supports the purchase of training equipment deemed necessary for use by the cadre of member instructors.

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The Native American Fish and Wildlife Society would like to thank those organizations that provided us with support over the years. With them we grew an effective national communications network for the exchange of information and management techniques related to self-determined tribal fish and wildlife management.

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