Conservation Officer of the Year

Tribal Conservation Officers performing exceptional work are awarded each year during the NAFWS national conference. They are nominated by members of the NAFWS and their outstanding work is a reflection of their dedication as tribal conservation law enforcement officers.

2021-2022 AWARDEES

2023 – Beaufort Joe, Game Warden, Three Affiliated Tribes Fish & Wildlife Division

2022 – Sergio Najera, Wildlife Sergeant, Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida

2021 – Thomas Jones, Game Warden, Fort Belknap Indian Reservation

2020-2000 AWARDEES

2009-2000 AWARDEES

2009 – Fred Poitra – Three Affiliated Tribes Fish & Wildlife 
2008 – Christine Tegner – Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission
2007 – Mitch Hicks –  Columbia River Inter- Tribal Fish Commission
2006 – Ted Lamebull –  Columbia River Inter-Tribal Enforcement
2004 – Sheldon Fletcher – Lower Brule Sioux Tribe
2003 – Eddie Benally –  Navajo Nation Department of Fish and Wildlife
2002 – Howard Little Dog –  Blackfeet Nation Fish and Wildlife Department
2001 – Michael Mendoza, – Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission
2000 – Lori Watlemet –  Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission
1995 – Mike Fox –  Ft. Belknap Tribal Community, Harlem, MT

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In Recognition of Their Support

The Native American Fish and Wildlife Society would like to thank those organizations that provided us with support over the years. With them we grew an effective national communications network for the exchange of information and management techniques related to self-determined tribal fish and wildlife management.