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Adriano Tsinigine

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Southwest: Navajo Nation, Northern Arizona University

“Yá’át’ééh! (Greetings!)

My name is Adriano Tsinigine and an enrolled member of the Navajo Nation. I am currently in my last semester as an undergraduate at Northern Arizona University. I am majoring in Biology and obtaining a Certificate in Wildlife Ecology & Management.

I am a Navajo Ethnobotanist who loves to go into the field and collect plants for Herbarium specimens or ceremonial usage. This field requires the use of three different languages English, Navajo, & Latin. I strive to continue to learn my Navajo Language and culture with the integration of Western Education of Science. Indigenous People’s have a strong connection with nature and I strongly encourage my fellow Indigenous peers to use that to their advantage when continuing your education.

My career goals are to work for the US Fish & Wildlife Service’s National Wildlife Refuge and return back to the Navajo Nation with the skills and experience to continue the preservation of our culture and natural sciences.

I would like to thank the Native American Fish & Wildlife Society for supporting my education for the past two years and I am deeply appreciative.

‘Ahéhee’! (Thank You!)”

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